Working with the Locals

Providing work opportunities

How we work together with the locals

One of the major parts of our philanthropic operations is the employment of locals within our construction and mining work. We consider this an important segment of our charity activities as it allows the locals to partake in professional work, earn a great wage, and gain valuable work experience to increase their future employability.

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  • It is also a great help for our team as the locals provide invaluable knowledge and experience regarding the environment and landscape. They are great contributions to our teams, and we value their presence to the utmost.


  • As of now, we have employed over 20 people from the local villages and surrounding area, for both infrastructure construction and mining operations.

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  • They have been a massive contribution to the ongoing infrastructure work that will allow the mining operations to progress in a safe and efficient environment and will go on to improve the lives of the natives.

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  • This initiative has been a major contribution to our improving friendship with the people and local authorities of Mali. We hope to further expand our collaboration with the locals to form a long-term successful relationship


Posted in Charity on Dec 07, 2022