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The technology of a search, calculation of the volume of deposits and evaluation of the effectiveness of the extraction and processing of fossil

VMF Technology (Verification of Multispectral Forecast)

Company "Modern Research Technologies" offers the technology of search and calculation of the volumes of deposits, and evaluation of the mining effectiveness. The technology is based on mathmetical, analyttical and statistical analysis of images of the earth surface, general and industry maps information, databases and reference information.

The technology is enviormentally friendly

Special mathematical analysis based on the mathematical equations of Navier - Stokes, Maxwell, Ostrogradsky, Helmholtz for vector potentials and analytical and statistical analysis allow us to estimate the inferred mineral resources in a given area.

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Structural scheme of algorithm of search

The system of exploration of fossil using mathematical modeling


The area of mineral deposits discovered by using technology VMF


The area for 3D modeling by using technology VMF


3D model of the area built by using technology VMF


The area of mineral deposits discovered by using technology VMF


The area of oil deposits discovered by using technology VMF


3D model of the oil area built by using technology VMF


The sunken ship discovered by using technology VMF


3D model of the sunken ship built by using technology VMF


The in-pipe topology discovered by using technology VMF


Economic efficiency of VMF technology

Economic efficiency of technology VMF is achieved due to the exclusion of costs that are required when traditional methods of exploration:

  • the cost of geophysical, geochemical, geological survey to determine the geophysical characteristics
  • of the field (VMF allows you to immediately identify the type and profile fields);
  • the cost of drilling a large number of exploratory and development wells over large areas
  • (technology VMF eliminates the drilling of unnecessary wells);
  • eliminates the dry wells; removes the costs associated with the price in case of complex geographical conditions, and as a consequence limits for field and office work; ime costs (inflation, risks, etc.); the cost of environmental protection, land reclamation, etc.

Our Competitors

Engineers from Vanderbilt University are inventing (at the initiative and funding of NASA) an unusual gamma-ray telescope whose main objective is "raying" bowels of the asteroid and the search there for gold and other minerals with the help of the galactic gamma radiation, according to a paper published in the magazine SPIE Newsroom. As the scientists explain, all airless bodies of the solar system almost constantly bombarded with "galactic" charged particles accelerated to near-light speed. When they collide with the atoms on the surface of asteroids and moons, they generate a stream other particles, which penetrate into the ground and, in turn, bump into the atoms of gold and other elements in their interiors, generating a stream of gamma rays. If this stream would be “caught" and analyzed its spectrum, then we can accurately identify the chemical composition of an asteroid or planet and estimate its "profitability" in terms of mining, at the same time developed their method will measure the proportion of substances in the depths of these bodies with very high accuracy.

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