Research work with traditional methods and the application of new technology

  • Traditional methods of geological research were applied before 2016: geochemistry, geophysics, tranches, pitches. More than 1200 samples were taken and analysed with 200 x 500 m and 100 x 50 m meshes.
  • In April 2016, a new technology was applied in order to accelerate the research work, as well as to increase their cost efficiency.
  • The new technology is called “Integral method of resonance scanning”.
  • Drilling spots were decided on the basis of the prognosis by the new resonance scanning technology applied to the whole territory of 65 km² and 3D-modelled on four spots in particular.
  • At present there are altogether 4 pieces of 3D model that cover 11 % of the perimeter.
  • The presence of almost all of the above listed ores was confirmed by four laboratories through the analysis of the samples from the 10 diamond drillings in 2016. (SGS, ALS, Lomonosov University in Moscow, MFGI Laboratory in Budapest).

The period from 2016 to 2019 the professional team was expanded. New investors were involved.

In 2019 the second phase started, the drilling program was prepared by site buildings, negotiations with drilling companies, site visits, infrastructure building etc. A good relationship was established with the local tribes.

In 2020 drillings were started. More than 5000 meters have been drilled in 36 holes, 7 trenches were made. The depth of the holes was between 150 and 300 meters depending on the geological structure and the projected ore body.

Drillings were carried out in the most cost effective way possible. Cheaper reserve circulation drillings were prevalent in the top of the layers of the crust. Diamond drillings were prevalent from 50 or 70 meters. The drillings proved the correctness of the geological structure of the area forecasted by the Russian 3D model apart from the model classic geological methods a were applied with the involvement of the most prominent geologist in the country.

The works and activities on project implementation are co-ordinated by teams situated in Hungary and Mali. They are composed of experts with extensive experience in the fields of business, diplomacy, politics, energy industry, law, finance, mining and geology.

Posted in Project on Sep 08, 2022