Our Work in Mali

Helping the People of Mali

The following is a summary of the ways in which we made improvements to the general infrastructure of the area including road construction, crossings and the building of bridges.

Improved Infrastructure

Following our agreement with the Mali government and in coordination with the Ministry of Water and Environment, within the perimeter, we constructed a 10 Km roadway between Madina and Komassala. The roads alone took 6 days to complete, during their construction we utilized a D6T bulldozer.


Throughout our work, we further renovated and re-built 2 crossings and a bridge:


A 300m long crossing 6.7 Km away from Madina towards Tola at the coordinates of:

11°17'24.58"N 7°42'15.38"W


and another 300m long crossing after Komassola at the coordinates of:

11° 7'14.37"N 7°43'45.23"W

Furthermore, we have renovated a bridge 14.7Km away from Madina, towards Tola at the coordinates of:

11°14'3.05"N 7°43'41.61"W

These pieces of infrastructure are already used in the day-to-day life of the native locals living in the area, bringing newfound efficiency and comfort. During the construction of the infrastructure necessary for the operation, we began employing locals arriving from the surrounding villages, laying the ground for our economic initiatives to provide work opportunities to the native inhabitants. So far, we employed 20 people locally for the drilling period.


Alongside the improvements made to the infrastructure we also provided a variety of medical and social services to the inhabitants of 5 municipalities:

  • Tola
  • Kamossaola
  • Diassola
  • Bolokoro
  • Koloni

In a specific case, our team on site helped in the resuscitation of a child stung by a scorpion, providing valuable aid in his successful survival and recovery.

Social Actions

At the request of local institutions and native villagers, the company has carried out a myriad of social works to benefit the lives of those living in the area. These include a 100M deep eater water well borehole supplying water to the village of Tola equipped with the following:

  • A solar-powered water pump
  • An electric water pump
  • 6 solar panels and 3 batteries
  • Two 1000 litter water tanks equipped with 3 taps




Furthermore, the company initiated the construction of a network of 80 wells around Komassala to improve the work of local farmers. These wells can be used for watering and feeding livestock during dry seasons, and are a huge help for the local economy. We also supplied the locals with 10 solar panels and 5 batteries.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-10 at 23.32.06.jpeg



The total cost of operations amounts to 22,250,000 FCFA distributed in the following way:

Civil Engineering Operations

Operation COST
Passage Construction near Yanfolila 450,000 FCFA
Reinforcement of Namakoro Bridge 300,000 FCFA
Construction of 4 roads between 8,000,000 FCFA
TOTAL 8,750,000 FCFA

Social Works

Operation COST
Fully equipped water borehole in Tola 5,000,000 FCFA
Wells in the central location of farmers 3,5000,000 FCFA
Supply of Constant current 5,000,000 FCFA
TOTAL 13,500,000 FCFA

Posted in Charity on Nov 23, 2022