Create Value with Apraemio and GGS

Apraemio's Charity Goals

Apraemio's primary goal is to create value, both for our investors/customers who trust us with their hard-earned money, and the people who inhabit the area we are working in. The people of Mali graciously allowed us to work on their land and we want to honour them by sharing the riches we uncover from our operations. To do this we hope to launch a myriad of charity initiatives in and around the mining area, hopefully expanding into the greater Mali region later down the line. As a start, 5% of the total APRA supply will be dedicated exclusively to charity helping the lives of the people of Mali.


Mining operations can cause extensive harm to the environment due to the lengthy trial diggings necessary to find the initial sources of precious metals. To avoid this Apraemio utilizes the 3D Sattelite technology provided by our partners which allows us to confidently pinpoint the location of ore locations making trial diggings virtually unnecessary. This way the mining process will not disrupt the environment protecting the living spaces of the locals


With the funds and the infrastructure arriving in the area, we hope to improve the overall living conditions of the locals who otherwise suffer from inadequate housing and contaminated soil and drinking water. We hope the industry introduced into the area will create new jobs and opportunities for the locals to ensure the improvement of long-term living conditions of the people.

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Posted in Charity on Nov 17, 2022