Grand Bicycle Competition in Tola

Helping the people of Mali step by step

We consider improving the lives of those native to the area a major part of our objective. So far one of our major achievements has been the organization of a large bicycle competition among the citizens of Tola. The event was incredibly popular among the teens and young adults of the town and drew the attention of hundreds from the surrounding area. Participants and visitors of the competition received prizes and free food alongside other gifts intended to help them in their everyday lives. Many of our team members participated in the race bringing the locals and those working on the project closer, sharing our culture and way of thinking with each other.




The event was a huge success and brought newfound passion to the project, knowing the work of our team can bring so much joy if we put our energy and resources in the right places. Many of the participants have notified us of their intention to work on the project, furthering our goal of employing as much of the local populace in our operations as possible.


There are already plans in place to organize other similar events, bringing more and more value to the project and our work. We hope these events pay off by improving the lives and economic standing of the locals or by simply putting a few smiles on their faces.

Posted in Charity on Nov 18, 2022