Difficult Living Conditions in Mali

Difficulties of Malian citizens

Mali is a country home to nearly 22 million people from a diverse set of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. A shocking portion of these people are living in extreme poverty and the country achieves terrible scores in all living conditions indicators. This article will list some of the issues reported by BMZ.


Out of every 1000 children born, an average of 94 die before reaching the age of 5. This is an infant mortality rate 4 times exceeding that of the global average. Many in the country lack safe drinking water and over 80% lack sufficient sanitation.

The country's population is extremely young with an annual population growth rate of 3%, 47% of Malians are younger than the age of 15.


Many lack access to proper education with only 59% of children enrolling in primary school and only 50% of those finishing it. As a result over 75% of all adults are illiterate.


Approximately 56% of the population live in rural areas, making their livings from shepherding and comparatively primitive arable farming. However, the rapid population growth has fueled a significant rural exodus and is resulting in rapid urbanization.


One of the Government's main goals is to create work opportunities for the population in order to provide better outlooks for the massive young population, a task that has long been incredibly difficult.

This is why partnerships between companies such as ours are so important, we hope to provide ample opportunities for the Malian citizens and a chance for them to begin building towards a brighter future.


Posted in Charity on Jan 24, 2023