3D Models of VMF Technology

Verification of Multispectral Forecast Technology

The Company Modern Research Technologies offers the technology of search, calculation of the volume of deposits and evaluation of the mining effectiveness. GGS has exclusive rights in the area for the application of the technology.

The technology is based on mathematical, analytical and statistical analysis of the images of the Earth surface, general and industry map information, databases and reference information. This technology is environmentally friendly.

The basic nature of VMF rests on the premise that all physical objects have unique properties of energy. All elements in the Earth’s crust exist in an excited state and are constantly emitting intrinsic electromagnetic radiation with its unique amplitude and frequency.

Since different lithologic units in the Earth’s crust have different atomic structure, the electromagnetic (EM) field generated by each unit has distinct properties. The EM field produced by a lithologic unit overlaps EM fields produced by other lithologic units. Therefore, the Earth’s electromagnetic field at any point is stacked, i.e. it contains overlapped EM fields from different lithologies.

That electromagnetic radiation can be captured above the surface by remote sensing systems. The captured electromagnetic information can be analyzed to filter out the electromagnetic field, generated by the substance of interest.)

Economic efficiency of VMF technology

Economic efficiency of technology VMF is achieved due to the exclusion of costs that are required when traditional methods of exploration:

  • the cost of geophysical, geochemical, geological survey to determine the geophysical characteristics of the field (VMF allows you to immediately identify the type and profile fields);
  • the cost of drilling a large number of exploratory and development wells over large areas (the technology VMF eliminates the drilling of unnecessary wells);
  • eliminates the dry wells;
  • removes the costs associated with the price in case of complex geographical conditions, and as a consequence limits for field and office work;
  • time costs (inflation, risks, etc.);
  • the cost of environmental protection, land reclamation, etc.

Extract from a 3D model: 1.84 km2 plot with drilling points in southern Mali

Posted in Project on Sep 08, 2022