Zoltan Varga Dr.

CEO of Arteus Capital Holding


Dr. Varga is graduated at the Medical University of Semmelweis Ignác, Budapest, Hungary. In his early years of business activities he founded a producing and trading company which succesfully operated in sixteen countries and had products under a registered brand name throughout the countries. Dr. Varga has several investments in catering and one of his enterprises was a top supplier of airline catering of the international airport of Vienna, Austria.

After mid-2000s Arteus Capital Group was founded, since then he acts as the general manager of Arteus Capital Holding that offers various kinds of precious metal investments for both private and institutional investors. From 2013, he owns ArteusCredit that offers gold-backed loans for private persons and enterprises, as well as mediates credits to small and middle-sized companies in Hungary under the auspices of the National Bank of Hungary and the Commission of the European Union. From 2014, he is the co-partner of Cartis that deals with fleet management and car leasing in Hungary. He also performs as Chairman of the Precious Metal Section of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and lectures at Budapest University of Economic Science.

Pratice Areas

  • Prescious Metal Investment
  • Asset Management
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Investment