Janos Horvath

Janos Horvath

Chief Geologist


Graduated in 1981 as geologist and cartographer at University of Eötvös Lóránd, Budapest. Geologist (MSc), EUROPEAN GEOLOGIST (Title No 1629) with 40 years of international work experience in Europe and world-wide. He has been leading several geological and mineral explorations. He had leaded the gold mine exploration project 1985-1991 in Hungary, prospecting in Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Niger for gold and copper explorations.


He is founder of GEO-MONTAN KFT, a mineral exploration company based in Budapest, Hungary.He has been involved in the development of renewable energy technologies as well. He is involved as partner and steering committee member in the ROBOMINERS (H2020) project, funded under the European Union’s Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020, which aims at creating a bio-inspired robot capable of mining underground mineral deposits.

He participated at conferences and workshops included in USA, Canada, Germany and other studies and conferences/workshops that concerned public communications for geology as a part of mineral missions (IAGOG gold exploration in Canada).

Pratice Areas

  • Geology
  • Renewable Technology
  • Mining
  • Mineralogy