Update on Mining Sector in Mali

The mining sector in Mali remains dominant and its role continues to grow. All political forces are aware of the importance of the sector. Within this, the participation of foreign capital in exploration and mining enjoys uniform support.

The August 2020 turnaround offers hope for stability and sustainable economic development. The mining sector was not adversely affected by that event. Within the smaller government, the Ministry of Mining, Energy and Water plays an important role.

In January 2021, the implementing decree for the new Mining Code adopted in 2020, was finally published, providing a clear picture of the new rules for the entire sector. This code regulates the sector in virtually the same way as an African country with nearby gold mining:

Given the comprehensive nature of the mining sector, which contributes nearly 10% of Mali’s GDP, the World Bank is financing a large-scale project, PGSM (Mining Sector Management Project). It is worth $ 40 million and will last for five years. The basic aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the mining sector and to promote better governance and management of the whole sector for inclusive and shared sustainable growth.

Article by Laszlo Nikicser

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